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ART 3331

Object Identity project

Bruno Latour [Design] is never a process that begins from scratch: to design is always to redesign. To design is never to create ex nihilo [from nothing].

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Urban Composites project

​Paul Rodgers All design thought and action should emanate from a point of not knowing.

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Process Book project

Tony Dunne New hybrids of design are emerging. People don’t fit in neat categories; they’re a mixture of artists, engineers, designers, thinkers.

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Writing and Presentations

For each project, we’ll be writing a short 250 – 300 word project statement, and then presenting your work and process to the class. Your goal for the statements is to write interesting content and explanations of your work that you will later put in your process books.

These readings are to prime you on getting started writing and then how to take your writing from Lamott’s “shitty first draft” to a finished piece of design writing. In class, we’ll be talking specifically about project statements, what those need to be, and how (and why) to write as a designer.